The following resources are provided to assist business and property owners, and design and construction professionals, address accessibility issues in California buildings and facilities.

IRS Tax Credit & Deductions
A Disabled Access Tax Credit of up to $5,000 is available for small businesses that incurr expenses related to providing access to individuals with disabilitites. A tax deduction of up to $15,000 a year is also available to businesses of any size for qualified accessibility expenses that would normally be capitalized.
Certified Access Specialist program (CASp)
The passage of California Senate Bill 1608 authorized the Division of State Architect to Certify Access Specialists (CASp) as individuals with the experience, training and expertise to review projects for accessibility compliance and provide certification that projects conform with the Federal and State requirements for accessibility.
CASp Inspection Certificate
Senate Bill 1608 requires Certified Access Specialists to provide the building owner or tenant with a numbered Disability Access Inspection Certificate indicating that the site has been inspected by a Certified Access Specialist.
Regulations for access compliance in California are determined by project type, project ownership (Private, State or Local Government, or Federal Government) and date of construction. The specific requirements for access compliance are described by the applicable Federal Standards and State and local codes.
Forms for access compliance in California "Notice to Private Property Owner/Tenant" describes important protections available to CASp inspected properties, including the option to request a "Stay" of proceedings and "Early Evaluation Conference" to resolve any issues regaring accessiblity compliance.
Owners of properties that have been CASp inspected, and subsequently receive an accessibility complaint, may file a request for a Stay and Early Evaluation Conference to resolve any issues regarding accessibility compliance.

CASp Benefits

A CASp Inspection Certificate provides important protections to business and property owners, including:
  • Identifies "readily achievable issues requiring correction
  • Provides time to make required corrections
  • Assurance that the property complies with federal and state accessibility requirements
  • Provides protection against unwarranted ADA lawsuits
  • Insures that your business is accessible and available to everyone
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